14PCS Electronic Specialties Test Lead kit Automotive Test Probe Kit Multimeter probe leads kit Bana

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1. Practical: It's suitable for all electrical and electronic applications. With replaceable probes tips, the electronic test lead kit will connect for a wide range of multimeters, electronics, and vehicles.

2. Safe and Accurate:Test leads safety level is CATIII, Max input voltage is 1000 V, max input current is 20A,they will provide us a safety operation condition; Bronze and gilding tips have high performance in conductive and sensibility, we will get accurate test result with them

3. Test pen is made of ABS + PVC by double injection technology, to ensure the reliability of insulation. Many different kinds of probes/tips make sure we can do our work in any condition easily. 2 large alligator clip will help us fixed test lead in some special situation

4. Comfortable Hand Grips - Heat- and cold-resistant test probes are silicone insulated and provides comfort grip.


Ultra thin copper tips length:24mm/0.94inc
Standard tips length:20mm/0.79inc
Shrouded probe length:32mm/1.26inc
Banana plugs tip length:17mm/0.67inc
Spade lugs Clip head internal Diameter:6mm /0.24inc
Pen length:112m/4.41inc
Line length:125cm
Large Alligator Clips length:56.8mm/2.24inc(opening 10mm/0.39inc)
Rated voltage and current:CAT III 1000 V, 20 A

Packing List:
2 x test leads
2 x Ultra thin copper tips
2 x standard tips
2 x Shrouded probe tips
2 x Large Alligator Clips
2 x Banana Plugs

2 x Spade Lugs











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